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Car Key Duplication Service

Seattle’s Most Trusted Auto Locksmith

When you need a locksmith who can do a car key duplication in the Seattle area, why not give us a call? We are a highly experienced and licensed mobile locksmith service (License NO: CAPITLI823NN) and can get to you quickly, wherever you are in Seattle, to duplicate your keys. What’s more, we have the means and know-how in order to duplicate any car key you may have!

What Our Car Key Duplication Service Entails

Beside our Emergency Locksmith services, Capital Locksmith can do car key duplication for any specific type of key you may have. Here are some basic examples:

Basic (Blade) Car keys: These keys are solely used for older makes of car that require a simple, steel-forged blade key to operate the lock. They’re falling out of use, but don’t worry! They’re the easiest keys to duplicate and we can do that for you on the spot.

Transponder Keys: All cars produced after 1995 require the use of keys that are fitted with a transponder chip. That is, a small electronic chip that’s programmed to communicate directly with your particular vehicle. Thus, it only works if programmed properly.

Remote Controlled Car Keys: These keys allow you to open the car from a distance, without having to manually put the key into the lock.

Flip Remote Keys: These are simple keys that have a remote which folds into the plastic fob of the key.

Proximity Keys: These keys don’t actually have a metal blade to open and start the car. The operate by means of buttons which can both unlock and start the car engine.

If you’re still unsure what category your key falls into, just give us a call and let us figure it out for you: (206) 208-6786.

Additionally, check out our prices page for a list of the minimum and maximum costs for each of our services.

Capital Locksmith – Seattle’s No.1 Choice!

Capital Locksmith is entirely mobile and working 24/7! meaning we can make it out to your location with all the tools we need, without you having to worry about coming to us! We are licensed and insured, so you always know you are receiving a high caliber of service when you contact us! We will always be upfront and honest; with both the services that may need to be completed and their relevant prices. We are an honest, reliable and experienced locksmith service, with customer service at the forefront of our work!

Call Capital Locksmith at (206) 208-6786 to ask about our car lockout assistance service!