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car key programming in Seattle

Car Key Programming
Services in Seattle, WA

Capital Locksmith Handles All Your Auto Locksmith Needs!

Looking for a locksmith in Seattle that does car key programming? Capital Locksmith has you covered. We specialize in auto locksmith services. As such, we can repair and reprogram any key fob. Capital Locksmith is a licensed, insured and bonded local locksmith providing the car owners of Seattle with quality auto locksmith services at great prices. We operate 24 hours and day, 7 days a week. That means our mobile unit can come out to your location at any time to reprogram your key.

High-Tech Locksmith Services For High-Tech Locks & Keys

Gone are the days when keys were steel forged with teeth that would physically turn internal lock tumblers to unlock a car. Car key technology has modernized quickly over the years. While transponder keys and smart keys have made it easier to unlock and start our cars, they’ve also made replacing our keys much harder. At Capital Locksmith, we keep our services up-to-date to reflect the complexity of modern car lock and key hardware.


Do I Need To Reprogram My Car Key?

Good question! The answer is, if it was made after 1995 – yes. All cars produced since 1995 include immobilizer technology – an electronic security device that prevents the engine from starting without the correct transponder key. Each transponder has a key fob that has an electronic chip which sends a signal to the car’s onboard computer. If your car won’t open or your engine isn’t starting, it could be because the car can’t read the microchip’s unique code. If you notice that these things are happening, contact Capital Locksmith and we’ll get you set up!


Can I Program My Key Myself?

You may have read on the internet that anyone can program their own car key. However, the truth is that in most cases, it’s simply not possible. Car key programming is a highly technical process involving vehicle diagnostics that only a professional can perform. We encourage you to call Capital Locksmith to do this for you quickly and professionally, ensuring that you have a working car key, programmed specifically for your vehicle


How Long Does Car Key Programming Take?

The time required to program a key can vary depending on the car key programming method required. With methods that don’t require us to access the onboard diagnostics port, the programming should take less time. The process generally takes anywhere between 10-40 minutes. Whatever the case, our locksmith will work quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality.


Call Capital Locksmith in Seattle at (206) 208-6786 to inquire about car key programming!