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car key replacement in Seattle

Car Key Replacement In Seattle

Auto Locksmith Solutions

Are you Locked out of your car? maybe you need an immediate Car Key Replacement or Extraction because of a Broken Key? Whatever the reason for your car key replacement request, Capital Locksmith is on hand round the clock to cut a new key for you. Licensed and highly experienced (license no: CAPITLI823NN), Capital Locksmith is an expert in the locksmith field, and can easily make it out to your location and cut a new key for you. Our extensive knowledge enables us to cut even the most complicated of keys. What’s more, we offer all of our services at great prices. That’s why Seattle loves Capital!

Seattle’s Most Trusted Locksmith’s Car Key Replacement Services

With Capital Locksmith, you can relax knowing that we can always get out to your location to replace your car key, at any time. That’s right! We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – whenever your need for a car key replacement strikes, we’re here for you!

Capital Locksmith can cut new car keys for you very quickly and effectively. What’s more, there is a wide range of keys that we are able to cut for you. These include the older type, basic car keys. These are car keys that were made before 1995, when legislation changed which required car keys to have a transponder chip. We can easily cut basic car keys for you, but we are only able to do this when a transponder key is not required.

Making Modern & High Tech Car Keys

Since 1995, car key manufacturers have been using car key transponders in the creation of all car keys. Transponders consist of electronic chips which send a unique code to the cars’ onboard computer system. If the code sent from the key does not match that of the car, it will not operate. Capital Locksmith can easily cut a new transponder car key replacement for you, by synchronizing it to the car’s own system using our diagnostic machine.

We can also cut remote control car keys for you. These keys are battery operated with a button on the key fob to unlock the car. Additionally, these keys work similarly for the trunk too.

Flip remote keys are the keys that can be folded into the main fob. Capital Locksmith can cut these for you, too.

Lastly, we make proximity keys (‘smart keys’). These have a button on them which can both unlock the car and start it too. If you’re unsure whether any of the above keys fall into your category, no problem! We’re available 24/7 for you to contact us and we can come out to your location and cut the key for you, too. Check out our prices page for more information!

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Fully Licensed And Insured

We have years of experience within the locksmith field and are fully licensed (license no: CAPITLI823NN) and know exactly how to help you.
So why not let us deal with your car key replacement? We’ll drive out to your location anywhere in the Seattle area, so you can get moving again before you know it.