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3 AMAZING Car Security Tips For Thanksgiving & Black Friday

It’s that time of the year again… time for Americans to ready themselves for the early morning shopping and chaos of Black Friday. The holiday season is a time for family, joy, rest, and celebration. But it’s also a time to be more alert and cautious when it comes to your car security. Criminals are known to prey on those who are busy and distracted with the holiday hullabaloo. Well, we are sure you are in need of some Thanksgiving and Black Friday car security tips!


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If you’re planning on going out shopping on Black Friday, or if you plan on having family over for the holidays, you’ve come to the right place! Capital Locksmith has put together a list of recommendations to help you keep your car safe. Read on for our Thanksgiving and Black Friday Car Security tips. We encourage you to keep them in mind as you celebrate this wonderful week.



Will you be hitting the shops on Black Friday? 


1. Park Away From Store Entrances

This might fly in the face of conventional wisdom, but parking further away from a store’s entrance actually does have benefits. For one thing, you’ll be more likely to find a parking spot. For another, you’ll also decrease the chances of your car getting hit by another car or a runaway shopping cart. And if you’re shopping at night, parking near a lamp post will be a great idea. Trust us, you better walk the extra distance to your car in order to avoid some inconveniences like getting your car damaged or robbed. 


2. Lock Your Shopping Bags In the Trunk

If you’ll be driving between locations and collecting shopping bags full of goods, you’ll need a safe place to store them. Keeping your bags in your car in plain view of potential thieves is practically an invitation. We recommend storing them in the trunk and double-checking to make sure it’s locked before leaving your car unattended. However, excessive use of your trunk may cause its lock to act up and get jammed. In order to continue with your shopping spree and not have your holiday ruined, we recommend you to call a professional trunk lockout assistance. 


3. Use Your Back-up Cameras and Mirrors

Parking is going to be a nightmare on Black Friday. Not just at the mall, but on your street too. With visitors flocking to each others’ houses and public shopping places, cars will be everywhere and not everyone will be paying attention to driving safety. Use your cameras (or mirrors if you don’t have cameras) whenever you back up. This will help you avoid other cars, children, animals, and any other hazard hiding behind your car. 

Black Friday can be chaotic but we hope that our article on Thanksgiving and Black Friday car security tips will be able to make it less so.



Car Security in Seattle

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