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commercial mortise locks

Mortise Locks

What Is A Mortise Lock?

A mortise lock is a lock that requires a mortise (a deep pocket) to be cut into the door where it will be installed. The bolt of the lock is then placed into the mortise. Because it is drilled into the door itself, it relies on the strength of the frame, and is therefore more secure than locks that are simply attached to the outside of the door frame.

Where are Mortise Locks Used?

A mortise lock is a great way to secure your door, though it’s typically used on older doors and construction. They were used less with the advent of bored cylindrical locks, but have recently enjoyed a comeback in commercial and residential construction because of the additional durability and security they offer over bored cylindrical locks. Mortise locks can endure several decades of use when properly used and maintained.

What Are The Advantages of Mortise Locks?

Strength & Durability

As mentioned above, mortise locks are more durable and secure than cylindrical locks, due to the fact that they are placed deep into the door frame.

Extra Features

Mortise locks can come with a variety of extra features for your lock, such as:

– Steel components (for corrosion resistance)
– Occupancy indicators
– Extra large ADA thumb turns

Added Deadbolts

Some mortise locks are available with an integrated deadbolt that retracts at the same time as the latch bolt. This extra deadbolt is stronger than the double bore prep set ups that are common on residential doors.

What Are The Disadvantages of Mortise Locks?

Price (for the price list click here)

Because of the extra security that mortise locks provide, they are more costly than your typical cylindrical residential door lock.

Weakens the Door Frame

Because it’s necessary to remove more wood from the door, the door frame itself becomes weaker. However, with such a strong and durable lock, the weakening of the door frame is mostly irrelevant.

Installation Requires Expertise

A mortise lock is harder to fit into a door because of the necessity of precisely removing wood from the door to make room for the lock. Additionally, fitting the trim of the lock to the door requires precision and experience of with special equipment, making it a job for a professional. Fortunately, Capital Locksmith has the knowledge, tools, and experience required to fit your doors with mortise locks

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