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How To Avoid Locksmith Scams

Tips For Avoiding Locksmith Scams 

Locksmith scams are like a disease that is spread all over the world. Research shows that just in recent 3 years the percentage of locksmith scams raised by 26% in the USA. So you can understand how important it is to know how to avoid locksmith scams. Most scammer locksmiths tend to target people who are vulnerable and in need of locksmith assistance.

They try to do as little of a job as they can, saying that the problem is more severe than expected and as a result overcharge customers. When a person is locked out and desperate, he/she is easy to manipulate. If you want to avoid the stress of locksmith scams this blog post is for you. Here we have a few tips that’ll help you avoid locksmith scams.

Make Sure That The Locksmith Is Local 

Most of the scammer locksmiths claim that they are local, but the truth is that they have call centers in another state and even another country. One of the best ways of determining whether a locksmith is truly local is to conduct advanced research. Look up the contact info and ask relevant questions. Don’t forget to check customer reviews.

This way you’ll get a true idea of whether a locksmith is local or not. Previous customer reviews are also helpful in determining if a locksmith provides quality services.

Ask For A Locksmith License

The first thing you should do when the locksmith arrives at your location is to ask for a license certificate. Unfortunately, in the US only 15 states require locksmith license so the remaining 35 states are pretty comfortable for locksmith scammers. In this case, you should pay attention to other details. For example, the legitimate locksmith will ask you for an ID to determine that you are asking to unlock your car or home. Locksmith scammers don’t tend to bother asking you any questions to determine your identity. 

Ask For A Cost Estimate 

Never ever let the locksmith touch anything until you ask for a cost estimate. Even though locksmith call centers always provide you with some idea about prices, when the locksmith arrives, he might tell you a much higher price. Most scammers tend to say that the job is way more complex and requires more costly service. Ensure you get an estimate beforehand and compare it to the prices they have on their website.

One more thing you can do to avoid this inconvenience is to ask for the final price before the locksmith starts working on your locks. If they tell you the price that is way far from your expectations, you can just pay them the arrival fee and send them packing. Don’t be ashamed to do so! At the end of the day what really matters is your satisfaction with results. 

Avoid Locksmith Scams – Call Capital Locksmith For The Best Experience

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