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Is Your Neighborhood Safe? 3 Smart Ways To Check Crime rates

Considering moving into a new home? Is your neighborhood safe?

If you’re considering a move into a new place, there is one question you need to ask yourself – is your neighborhood safe? Keep in mind that this new place will be where you settle down and raise your kids so focusing on the security matter is super important. Checking the crime rates in the surrounding areas is an initial part of that process. But how do you go about that? Fortunately, it’s pretty easy!


We’re going to recommend you three online resources you can use (for free) to check if a neighborhood is safe. Be aware that a few instances of crime don’t necessarily mean a neighborhood isn’t safe for settling. As always, exercise your best judgment and think about ways you can ensure the security of your home and family.



Here’s 3 Great Ways To Check Crime rates:

Neighborhood Scout 

Neighborhood Scout is a great resource to try if you’re considering a move into a new neighborhood. Its color-coded crime map lets you search for crime rates by address, zip code, and city. Doing so pulls up a map of criminal activity in a color-coded density grid so you can quickly identify neighborhoods with high and low crime rates. You can see even more detailed information further down the page where it specifies the total number of crimes for the area you searched as well as breaks the crimes down into property or violent crimes.

The rating system is simple: safety scores fall between 1 – 100, with 100 being the safest rating. So, if your selected location’s rating is 70, that means it’s safer than 70% of all other locations in the country. Additionally, it can show you data related to school rankings, demographics, and house prices. 


Crime Rates Reports

One of the most popular ways to check if a neighborhood is safe is Crime Reports. It has a great map feature that lets you see the exact number of crimes that have occurred in a specific location by placing small icons on the map. Each icon specifies a different kind of crime (ring icons represent home theft, for example.) Clicking on an icon will then open a window that gives you details of the crime, including the address where it happened and a description of the incident. 


Spot Crime

Spot Crime has the best geographical interface of all three sites listed here and is very intuitive and easy to interpret. It’s similar to Crime Reports – it lists good, current information on crime in your selected location that helps you evaluate if a neighborhood is safe. However, like Crime Reports, it’s better for finding out more about specific crimes, and not as great for finding out about general crime rates.


is your neighborhood safe?



Residential Security in Seattle 

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