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What Can I Do When Locked Out Of The Car – 4  Proven Hacks To Get You Back On Road

Becoming locked out of the car is always stressful because it immediately messes up your day to day schedule. Prevention is always best, but mistakes happen. When it happens, you need to know how to act in order to deal with it as soon as possible. There are a few ways of alleviating a car lockout. In this article, we dive into each of these to help you get back on the road in no time.



  • Use a Spare Key

Complex problems sometimes have the simplest solutions! The easiest way to solve a car lockout is to dig up a spare key that you may not even remember you had. When you get a new car, the dealer usually provides you with at least one spare key. So there’s a chance that you have it somewhere at home or in a garage. 

If you don’t have a spare key, make sure you get it made for the future. If you’re always busy and can’t seem to find time to take your keys to the locksmith store, you can get a mobile locksmith to duplicate car keys at your desired location.

Trust us, this investment will definitely pay off later. Here’s an article that’ll help you understand everything on the key duplication.



  • Use a Shoelace 

Don’t have a spare key handy? Well, we’re sure you have a shoelace that can work just as effectively! Before we dive deep into this method, note that it does not work on every car. Shoestring is only helpful if you are having a car lockout with a car that opens by a pull-up mechanism from the inside. 

You’ll just have to tie a little loop with your shoelace and work it into the interior from the small gap that’s located between the window and its frame. Once you do it, move it down to the door opener, wrap the loop around it and pull up. The leaner your lace is, the easier it will be to unlock your car this way.



  • Use a Coat Hanger 

One of the oldest ways of dealing with a car lockout is by using a wire coat hanger (or any tool with the same characteristics). You’ll need to unwire the hanger and make a straight. After that, try to work it down into the thin gap between the window and the door. Once you’re in, start jiggling it around until you get a locking mechanism.

Be super delicate, though! You don’t want to cause any damage to the locking mechanism. 

The location of the locking mechanism varies from one car brand to another so it may take you some time to get it with a wire. If you have a phone in handy, you can try googling your car’s door lock mechanism to save yourself some time.



  • When in doubt, Call a Professional Locksmith 

When you’re locked out of the car, there are so many DIY methods that you can try, however, none of them guarantees the result you desire. What’s more, trying to get yourself out of a car lockout without expert assistance, may end in damaging your door lock so badly that not even expert mechanics can fix it. It is always better to contact a local licensed locksmith to help you alleviate the lockout.

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