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House Lockout Assistance
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Facing a house lockout is every homeowner’s nightmare. Have your family or small children with you, or are you caught outside in bad weather? These are all things that can make a house lockout more painful, or even dangerous, to deal with. Capital Locksmith operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you in your home lockout emergency. We’re a licensed, bonded, and insured locksmith. We provide the residents of Seattle with quality locksmith services, at affordable prices.

We’re Experts At Getting You Back Into Your Home!

House lockouts make up a large portion of our service calls. They’re much more common than you might think! Even the most careful homeowners sometimes forget or lose their house keys. On such occasions, a professional locksmith needs to be there to get you back into your home! The large variety of lock and key hardware for homes means that we are trained and equipped to open your doors in a number of ways:

Picking the Lock
The simplest and most common way we open our customers’ doors is to pick the lock. We have various lock picking tools, all of which allow us to align the pins inside the lock and open the door. This method is not intrusive and leaves no damage to either your lock or door.

Sliding the Latch
In some lockouts, the door is not actually locked, but simply ‘closed.’ In these cases, we use a special laminated card made of flexible, low friction plastic, to slide between the door and doorframe to open the door.

Lock Bumping
A common technique for opening pin tumbler locks is known as lock bumping. We insert a special key called a bump key into the lock cylinder, then gently “bump” it with a screwdriver or mallet. This forces the pins inside the lock to align as the key turns and opens the door.

Drilling or Cutting the Lock
While we always prioritize non-destructive entry methods, they are sometimes necessary when other methods fail to open the door. We may need to use a drill to reach the internal parts of your lock, exposing it so that we can use another tool (such as a screwdriver) to unlock the door.

Please be aware that when we’re required to use a drill, we will only ever drill into a very small area of the lock, and not the door itself. Alternatively, we may be required to cut a lock in certain situations, such as when it’s become impossible to open or you’ve lost the key to a padlock. In these cases, we will simply cut the bolt and unlock the door.

How You Can Avoid A House Lockout

Capital Locksmith prides ourselves on being there for our customers in their lockout emergencies. In order to make sure you don’t get locked out again, we advise our customers to follow these simple tips:

Have a Go-To Locksmith
The best way to prevent a lockout is to check that you’ve got your keys in hand when exiting your home or car. But in the case you’ve forgotten to do so and can’t get into your home, it’s smart to have the number of a reliable locksmith – Capital Locksmith – saved to your phone. That way you don’t waste time figuring out who to call.

Hide Duplicates
If you’re alone when you get locked out, your family member’s duplicate key won’t help you. That’s why we advise customers to keep one or two keys stashed discreetly in good locations outside the house.

Consider Getting A Master Key
When all your doors each require a different key to open them, it becomes easy to lose one. We recommend making a master key, which can be used to open several different locks, to decrease your chances of being locked out of one or more doors. For a full list on the services we offer, check out our prices page.

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