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residential key extraction

Residential Key Extraction
in Seattle, WC

Key broken in the lock? Give Capital Locksmith a call!

Capital Locksmith is licensed, bonded, and insured locksmith serving the locals of Seattle and its surrounding areas. We work 24/7 to take care of all your lock and key needs, including extracting broken keys at your home and commercial space.

What’s more, we’re entirely mobile! We can make it out to your location, wherever you may be in Seattle or the surrounding area. With quality services at affordable prices, Capital Locksmith is ready to be the local locksmith you trust.

Home Key Extraction

If you’ve snapped or broken your key in your door, you need quick help from a professional! Capital Locksmith provides key extraction services right away for all areas of your home:

Garage Doors
Cabinets & Drawers

Why Do Keys Break?

Keys, like any other hardware, are susceptible to breakage, and when it happens you may not exactly know why. The most common reasons keys break are wear and tear over time, extreme weather (heat & cold), excessive force, and debris being in the lock. If you notice any weaknesses or cracks in your key, the best thing to do is have a new one made (we can do that for you!) so you can avoid having another emergency.

We Extract Your Key Without Incurring Damage!

While residential key extraction is typically a quick, simple procedure, we never recommend attempting to remove the key yourself due to the damage you risk incurring. Only professional locksmiths have the proper knowledge, tools, and experience to get the key out safely, without damaging your locks or doors.

Our Customers Trust Capital

When our customers call us, they can be sure they’re getting high-quality services from a trained professional, all at a price that won’t break the bank! When you request a key extraction service from us, we guarantee all of the following points for your customer satisfaction:

Service in all areas of Seattle

24 Hour Service

Affordable prices

Trained, experienced locksmith

No hidden fees or charges

Call Capital Locksmith at (206) 208-6786 to get a free quote for any key extraction service!