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Lock Rekey
Service In Seattle

Capital Locksmith are a professional, reputable locksmith service based in Seattle, WA. We are highly skilled in what we do, and offer our customers round the clock service. If you are seeking a lock rekey service in the Seattle area, contact Capital Locksmith. We are an entirely mobile locksmith service and can arrive at your location any time of the day or night. Many people are surprised to hear that we operate 24/7. Yes! Capital are open year round, night and day. We can assist you with your rekey requirement regardless of the time of day or night. What’s more, we are fully licensed and insured (license no: CAPITLI823NN), so you can count on us!

Rekeying Adds Security To Your Life

A lot of people are not sure exactly what a lock rekey service actually consists of – let Capital Locksmith explain it to you! This is the process of changing the internal parts of a lock. The difference, however, is that it’s without actually changing the lock completely.


The inside of a lock consists of parts that are called pins and tumblers. A rekey is when an experienced locksmith changes the configuration of these manually. This means that a new key is needed to access the existing lock. Rekeying has now become a very popular service with our customers. It adds security to your home or workplace, without the hassle of actually changing the locks in their entirety. That on its own can be a much more lengthy and complicated job!

Will My Old Key Become Ineffective?

Yes. Once we have rekeyed your locks, your old key will be completely inoperable with the lock. Please bear in mind that, should you require a rekey service, we would ask that you hold on to your old key so we are able to access the lock in the first place. Otherwise, we may need to pick the lock to gain entry, which while harmless to the lock, can be a longer process.

Lock Replacement Vs. A Lock Rekey

A lock rekey yields the same results as a lock replacement, but without the time and hassle it takes to replace your locks entirely. So, both will require a new key to gain access, but a lock rekey service is a quicker and often more cost-effective option.

Master Rekey

A master rekey is a little different, in the fact that we perform exactly the same task, but incorporate numerous locks. A master rekey is when we configure numerous locks to be accessed by the same key. This is a great service for those looking to unburden their life of having to keep numerous keys! As well as being unsure which one is for which lock. It also adds a great deal of security to your home or office space.

Capital Locksmith – For All Your Locksmith Needs

Our rekeying and master rekeying service is available to all residents of Seattle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! As soon as you have logged your call with us, we can make it out to your location and rekey your locks for you. For more information regarding our prices, check out our prices page.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and will always be honest and upfront when it comes to pricing, too!
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