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5 Symptoms of a Bad Ignition Switch (and How to Deal with It)

eptember 1, 2020/in Locksmith Tips, Auto Locksmith /by Tzachi B

Having a well-functioning car has long stopped being a simple advantage and has become a necessity. Maybe even more so these days than ever. Amidst the pandemic, a car is not just a convenient transportation device, it’s a social distancing tool. No matter how well developed public transportation is where you live, right now it still holds a substantially higher risk of carrying COVID-19 than your own vehicle. So even those of us who at least try to minimize our carbon footprint on the regular, have taken our cars out of the garage and hit the road.

And if the importance of private vehicles has suddenly increased – so have the inconveniences of being unexpectedly stranded on the side of the road. After all, nothing can derail a day like unexpected car problems. Simply because we rarely ever anticipate things like lockouts, broken car keys, or a bad ignition switch. Even if we probably should.

Especially, since bad ignition switch symptoms aren’t that hard to detect. And the sooner you pay attention to them, the higher the chances you catch onto the fact that your ignition switch has problems before it actually catches you out unexpectedly in the middle of the drive.

So what happens when your ignition switch goes bad?