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commercial lock repair

Commercial Lock Repair

Commercial Locksmith Services in Seattle

When you need a commercial lock repair for your business, call Capital Locksmith. We provide a full range of commercial locksmith services to business and commercial space owners all over the Seattle. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to bring your business the help it needs. Capital is licensed (License Number: CAPITLI823NN), bonded and insured in the state of Washington. Therefore, we has the knowledge and expertise to handle your commercial lock repair promptly and professionally. On top of all that, we are totally mobile!

What’s more, Our mobile unit can be out on the road outfitted with every tool and product we need to complete the job. There’s no need for you to search around town for the right lock and key hardware. We bring it to you. From offices to storefronts, we work at every kind of commercial space – both small and large. Furthermore, we even handle emergencies. Need a commercial lock repair right away, after a burglary or an accident? We won’t hesitate to come to your location and get you set up with functioning locks.

Timely Commercial Lock Repair Will Ensure the Safety of Your Business 

If you are the owner of a large or small business or commercial space, the security of the building is your principal concern. Your locks are the first things separating your business from the outside world, which increasingly includes burglars and intruders. Break-ins happen all the time, and a broken or damaged lock make it that much easier for them to access your space. If you has a lock that’s compromised the safety of your employees, customers, and assets, it’s important to seek help with a lock repair right away. You can call Capital Locksmith as soon as you notice any sign that your lock needs a professional repair:

Signs of Wear & Tear

Locks, even commercial grade ones, are prone to the wear and tear of everyday use. Especially if you has a high level of customer or employee traffic coming through your doors every day, things tend to get worn out over time. A timeworn lock may show itself in a number of ways, such as

  • A key not fitting in the lock
  • If A key fits in the lock but not turning
  • A key getting stuck in the lock

Faulty Locking Mechanism

All of the above-mentioned issues may be due to the accumulation of dirt and dust that tend to collect in lock chambers, especially outdoor ones. Such kind of build-up causes an obstruction and requires a lock repair. Alternatively, the problem may be a fault of the interior locking mechanism. If the pin chamber itself is worn out or corroded, or if a pin is displaced, only a professional locksmith will be able to fix it.

Faulty Programming of Digital Lock

For businesses or commercial spaces that has opted for digital (keyless) locks, the problems you face with your locks will be different than those of your typical key & lock hardware. However, just like “regular” locks, digital locks may occasionally need a lock repair. That can be due to all kinds of issues, such as:

  • Electronic components being damaged in a
    storm or electrical surge
  • The programming failing to work

If the lock needs to be reprogrammed, or the internal electrical components need to be fixed, you can call Capital Locksmith. We’re ready to work with your digital locks and get them back up and running so your business is safe again.

Call a Locksmith Who Cares

Capital Locksmith is dedicated to serving our customers in a friendly and professional manner. Our commitment to giving you the best service possible is what makes us stand out from the crowd. When you call Capital Locksmith, you’re calling a locksmith who will handle your lock repair with care. In addition to working efficiently, we complete each job with caution, prioritizing simple and non-destructive solutions. Don’t get frustrated with a broken lock, just call us and let us handle everything. We perform lock repairs for customers all over the city.

When you need a commercial locksmith you can trust, choose Capital Locksmith!

You’ll Love Our Prices!

If you don’t know who to call when you’ve got a problem with your locks, it can take hours to find a locksmith with great prices. On top of that, there are several locksmiths who make a practice of charging their customers extra fees and charges after the job is complete. How can you know who to trust? The answer is simple: Capital Locksmith!

In addition to the quality services we provide, we offer upfront pricing. That means that the price we quote you is the price you’ll pay. Period. No hidden fees. No surprise charges. When we arrive at your business and assess the situation, we’ll quote you the price, which includes labor and product costs. Tan we’ll begin our work. It’s our way of keeping our customers satisfied – great service and great prices!

For the minimum and maximum price ranges for each of our services, please refer to our prices page.

Call Capital Locksmith today to inquire about a commercial lock repair at your place of business: (206) 208-6786.