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Getting locked out of your workspace isn’t just bothersome and stressful! It can cause a huge disruption to your business. That’s why, when an emergency such as a commercial lockout strikes at your space, you need a professional on hand to help! Capital Locksmith is a licensed, bonded, and insured Seattle locksmith service provider. We have a lot of experience in helping business owners during their lockout emergencies. We work 24/7 around the clock and are completely mobile! Meaning we’re available for our customers day and night, with everything we need to complete the job. Contact us


What is the most common reason for a commercial lockout?

The most common reason for a commercial lockout is lost keys. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as misplaced keys or a change in personnel. In some cases, keys may be stolen, which can pose a security risk. If you suspect that your keys have been stolen, it is important to change the locks and have new keys made as soon as possible.

Other common reasons for commercial lockouts include broken locks and jammed doors. In these cases, a locksmith may be able to repair the damage or provide a replacement lock. In some cases, commercial lockouts can also be caused by faulty alarm systems. If you experience a commercial lockout, it is important to contact a qualified locksmith as soon as possible to resolve the issue.


We provide commercial lockout assistance to owners of all types of business spaces – offices, storefronts, large commercial areas. We handle it all!

How do you determine whether or not a lockout is an emergency?


Determining whether or not a lockout is an emergency can be tricky. On one hand, being locked out of your home or car can be a major inconvenience, but being locked out of your business can be expensive.

On the other hand, it's important to remember that locks are designed to keep people out, so forcing your way in could do serious damage. If you're ever in doubt, err on the side of caution and call a professional locksmith. They'll be able to assess the situation and determine whether or not picking the lock is the best course of action.

In most cases, they'll be able to get you back into your property without any damage. However, if the lock is damaged beyond repair, they may need to replace it. Either way, a locksmith will be able to get you back into your property quickly and efficiently.

What are some of the most common methods for gaining entry into a business?


One of the most common methods for gaining entry into a business is through the use of a lock pick. This can be done by anyone with a basic understanding of how locks work, and it is a relatively simple process.

However, it is important to note that picking a lock is illegal in many jurisdictions. Another common method for gaining entry into a business is through the use of a key duplication machine.

These machines are typically found in hardware stores or online, and they can be used to create an exact copy of an existing key.

Finally, another common method for gaining entry into a business is through the use of a lock bypass tool. This tool can be used to open a variety of different types of locks, and it is relatively easy to use.

How to avoid a commercial lockout?

A commercial lockout can be a big inconvenience, especially if you lose your keys.

Follow these tips to avoid a commercial lockout:

  • Make sure all employees have a key to the commercial property.
  • Keep a spare key in a safe place, such as a locked file cabinet.
  • Give copies of the keys to trusted employees or family members.
  • If you must change the locks, make sure to give everyone a new key.
  • Keep an eye on who has access to the property, and consider changing the locks if someone is no longer authorized to be there. By following these tips, you can avoid the hassle and expense of a commercial lockout.