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Burglary Statistics Every Homeowner Should Know: An Info-graphic

Burglary is the most commonly reported property crime in the US. It differs from robbery and theft, in that it involves entering a building or residence with the intention to commit a crime, and doesn’t require a piece of property to be stolen or a person-to-person interaction to occur.

Every homeowner is worried about the threat of burglary, which is why millions of dollars are spent on locks and lock maintenance throughout the country each year. However, there are things about burglars that might surprise you – the nature of the crime had changed in the last few decades, and many common ideas we have about burglars are wrong. 

Here we present some burglary statistics we believe every homeowner should know, prepared by safeatlast and originally appearing on their blog. 

Not Prepared To Face Burglary Statistics of Your Area?

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