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3-Step Guide to Finding the Best Commercial Locksmith For Your Business

What You Need To Look For

From small repairs of broken locks to rekeying the locks across an entire business complex. You will eventually need assistance from a commercial locksmith for your business. Bad locksmith service can leave your facility, your property, your customers, and employees at risk. A sketchy locksmith may even damage your property if they’re poorly trained, using shady tactics to overcharge or upsell you.

On the other hand, a great locksmith is a wonderful asset to have for your business. They can comb your property for weak points in your security. Choosing the best locks, and ensuring that your overall lock and key security is maintained at all times.  Here is our guide to finding the best commercial locksmith for your business. 

Before choosing a commercial locksmith, you should follow our guidelines to make sure you save time and money and to protect yourself from fraudulent locksmith services.

Commercial Locksmith for your Business

Locksmith Licensing and Certification 

Locksmithing is a specialty that requires intensive training and expert knowledge of many different tools, technologies, and techniques. Not just anyone can do it. A certified locksmith will have received the training and skills that allow them to work safely and expertly with your locks. Certification also ensures that locksmiths have completed a background check and can be trusted to work in your facility.

Unfortunately, not all states require locksmiths to have a license. That’s why it’s absolutely vital that you ask a locksmith to present proof of licensing and certification before you hire them. If they can not present it to you, you’re dealing with an unqualified technician and should take your business elsewhere. 


Proven Reputation

With the overwhelming amount of locksmith fraud in the US, you have to be thorough in searching for a real professional. One aspect of that is finding out what other people have to say about them. Were they overcharging a customer? Were there attempts to add extra fees to the service after the job was done? Did they do a poor job and damage a lock? You can find these things out by looking at a locksmith business’ customer reviews. Or better yet, by getting a first-hand recommendation from a previous customer. 


Responsive 24/7

A commercial locksmith job is to make sure your property is safe from outside threats of break-in and burglary. Whilst also allowing for the efficient, reliable entry of authorized individuals. Sometimes, lock and key hardware such as fobs, keys, and access cards can quit working, causing employees to become locked out or worse. These kinds of emergencies, of course, can’t be planned for, which means you as the business owner or commercial property manager need to have a contingency plan for ALL HOURS.

Just because you and your employees may not be hard at work at 2:00 am doesn’t mean burglars won’t be. Have the number of a commercial locksmith for your business on hand, one that operates 24/7 to respond to emergencies. 


 Contact Capital – 24/7 Commercial Locksmith for your Business

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