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What To Do When FOB Isn’t Working

What To Do When FOB Isn’t Working?

FOB is an electronic key (kinda remote controller) that is used for unlocking car locks.
FOB provides easy and comfortable access to your vehicle. But what if one day it started malfunctioning?
Imagine approaching your car, late for work, you press unlock button but nothing happens!
Don’t panic! There are several reasons why it may be happening and there are solutions as well.
In this blog, we’ll take you through the causes of malfunctioning FOB and teach you how to fix it. 

What’s Wrong With My FOB?

It’s said that the key to solving every problem is understanding the causes. So let’s look at some of the most common causes of malfunctioning FOB remote. Keep in mind that the solutions we recommend are not applicable for every car make out there. 

Dead Batteries

The first thing that comes in mind is a dead battery. Don’t forget that your FOB requires batteries to send out signals to your car. So the first thing you should do is change batteries and try to unlock your car again. If it still won’t open then low battery life is not the root of your problem.


Wiring Issue

Try pointing your FOB right at the door handle when pressing the unlock button. If it unlocks the door, consider it as a temporary fix. Properly functioning FOB key won’t require precise pointing.
There may be an issue with keyless entry antenna or wiring. if this is the case, you’ll need to contact a mechanic or electrician who specializes in car electricity.


Defective FOB or Buttons

On the other hand, when your FOB isn’t working, it can be damaged, defective or have a bad unlock button. Try pressing other buttons and see if your car reacts. If other buttons work, the problem is a bad unlock button. If any of the above is the above causes your FOB to malfunction, replacing it will solve everything.

Still no luck? Let’s carry on!


Lost Code

Did you know that many vehicles use a rolling code that changes every time you unlock or start your car? If miscommunication happens, your FOB may lose its entry code. In this case, you’ll require a key reprogramming that’ll definitely fix your miscommunication issue. Key reprogramming is quite easy to do for an experienced and skillful professional. Any proper locksmith company can help you deal with reprogramming so that your FOB works like a brand new one. 


Car Battery

Sometimes when you can’t unlock your car, FOB has nothing to do with it. The extremely low or dead car battery may cause your car’s electronic system to shut down so obviously FOB won’t work. Make sure you get a mechanic and check your car battery life. 



My FOB isn’t Working! Who Do I Call?

As you saw, malfunctioning FOB Can be caused by various issues. However, most of them can be dealt with by locksmiths. The locksmith can check your FOB, find the root of your problem, and provide you with reprogramming service if required. it would be much more convenient to find a locksmith that can come out to your location. 

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